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Thread: New card. Open source drivers only.

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    Default New card. Open source drivers only.

    New gfx card time. My Asus hd7850 is busted and fricking Mexican Asus denied my RMA. Bastards. The only "decent" cards I have found here in my price range are a XFX HD7870 and a GB R9 270X for a few pesos more. The old HD7850 worked alright with the open source drivers, so I assume the HD7870 would be the same. How are the R9 270s running on the latest drivers?

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    Actually, the R9 270X is mostly a rebrand of the 7870 GHz edition, they use the same chipset.

    Some benchmarks comparing the open source and proprietary driver on Ubuntu 14.04 can be found here:

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    Just started a similar search. I'm interested in linux gaming, and currently have an HD6950

    Dota2 runs great using the mesa 10.2-devel / radeonsi, but my shading language is *still* too low for planetary annihilation.

    This seems like a good resource to see what is implemented and for which drivers:

    I went into this research thinking I'd be jumping ship to nvidia, but it looks like their open source drivers are way behind too.

    If you come across anything interesting, let me know.


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