this discussion is pointless, like trying to make sense with scientologists

Go get the apple logo tattoed on your forehead for all I care... yes the brilliant innovation their billions of dollars allowed them to make was ... putting a really high resolution on a laptop screen

de puta madre

"their "openness" and the "walled gardens" "

that's not what I object, the consumerism of electronics is a dangerous environmental hazard.

What they are doing is making the mass market consume electronics like they were disposable as every year you have updated technology, iphone 1 2 3 4 ipad 1 2 3 and so on

a lot of their consumers buy the updated products every year and for instance people here trashing their old iphones

There is absolutely no need for this cycle as developers when given time can optimize code. Look at gaming consoles as an example of this, they were released in 2006 (?) and still being used today.

Also apple has a very bad environmental track record and that news where they refused to comply with the environmental stamp requirement was the nail in the coffin.

Apple is just as evil if not even more so than microsoft. If you are using apple products use their system, if linux is supposed to be for freedom the freedom apple stand for is the freedom of foxconn workers jumping from the 10th floor because they were interrogated for hours about a suspected leak of a prototype. Not to mention the workers who commit suicide and they using the police like their private army to break into peoples apartments.

All this information I'm writing as appeared on the news and multiple sites, if you didn't see it or read it is because you have your blinders on

Apple is evil and whoever buys their products is evil