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apple's way:

1- "hey yo foxconn/xxxx what's the best shit you have that dell/hp/xxx is buying?"

2- haggle prices like a jew on steroids, drive chinese workers to suicide

3- encase whatever you buy in shiny aluminium/white plastic. Don't forget the logo (most important)

4- sell it to retards for a 500% profit margin

5- repeat it at least once every 12 months (previous version of products are to be trashed and not supported)

it works for software too:

- steal your operating system from nerds
- encase it in shiny graphics
- sell it to retards (also don't forget to introduce code in the system and in every update to fuck up whoever installs this in something that hasn't got our logo even tho is 100% the same shit as ours)
This 100%. Thanks for saying it for me!