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Interesting, on my hardware (Pentium E2160@2,7GHz, 2 Go RAM, HD4850) I remember that ETQW worked on F16 but was too slow to be playable. With F17 that was much better, but the current upstream is for me the first "version" really playable. ETQW runs at 30~60 FPS in 1680*1050 (low details), without bugs or crash obviously (except with Linux 3.5).
It does works for me with the latest Kernel and Mesa drivers available in the Fedora 16 repositories. Granted, I had to set r_useIndexBuffers to 1 in .etqwctl/base/etqwconfig.cfg to get everything running smoothly and I am playing the game at only 1280x720 (with default graphics settings). Not sure what FPS I am getting as I neglected to activate the FPS meter, but it is certainly playable.

Here are my complete system specifications:
Operating System: Fedora 16 Linux
Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 4670
Memory: 4 Gigabytes
Processor: AMD Sempron CPU 2.7 Ghz
Hard Drive: 2 TB Western Digital Caviar Green

Still, now I am curious to if I will get any speed up when I upgrade to Fedora 18 in the fall.