@stefantalpalaru: To be fair, MacBooks seem to be quite popular in the Linux community, so it is safe to assume that a lot of people are curious about running their favourite distro on it. What's mostly holding me back as a ThinkPad guy is the lack of proper keyboard, trackpoint, docking station, non-glossy option, and maintainability. Now that's quite a lot, but I'm still interested in that beautifully crafted piece of hardware.

Now, what's basically written in this 'pre-ad' news item are well-known facts - Intel still hasn't got its latest platform support - including Lightpeak - right, hybrid GPUs are the proprietary mess they've always been. Any laptop manufacturer's creation based on those technologies is going to suffer from the same on Linux for the time being, nothing special to see here, thanks.

That leaves the display, which, apart from the glossy mess, sports an amazing DPI. It is a bit disappointing to see the 'Linux desktop' getting dismissed - when there isn't one. So please tell us at least which of the plethora of DEs and WMs you have already tested to come to the conclusion. My own experience with high pixel density has been a very positive one.