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In my opinion the current package managers are awesome for servers, but they lack on the desktop space.

Ingo Molnar had a few good posts about this (and desktop Linux in general):

Don't get irritated by the "App store" buzzword, it is nothing more than a package manager on steroids .

I really hope Valve releases their client under the GPL, then we could possibly see adoption of their "package management" on the Desktop space.
(if it meets the criteria, of course)

Well, lets wait and see where Valve takes Linux!
Steam already does this on Windows. They make fake installations entries in Windows witch soul purposes is to evoke Steam when you hit uninstall. The same could be done wit apt. Applications installed via steam would show up in your favorite package manager tool but the actual installation would still be handled by steam. This could even be used as a good way to leach on to the dependency resolving of the system instead of how it is done on windows where every game reinstalled the same 3 libraries over and over again.