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Thread: The Samsung report - What can we learn?

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    Default The Samsung report - What can we learn?

    I was taking a look at Samsung's report when they were comparing their Android implementation to iOS. While unimportant, I want to clarify that my opinion is that Samsung 'did' blatantly copy a number of Apple's UI concepts, and that I am absolutely fine with this and do not feel that it was immoral, improper, or underhanded. When I was a professional guitarist, only a small percent of my playing was truly original. The rest was inspired by those that came before me.

    Looking at Samsung's internal report, I wonder how much of what they discovered could be leveraged to improve the look and feel of typical linux DE's (Gnome, KDE, etc). I also wonder if anyone has done a qualitative analysis of OSX when compared to KDE/Gnome/E17.

    Either way, the report is pretty fascinating to me, and probably a worthwhile read.

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