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Thread: NVIDIA 304.37 Linux Driver Brings 41 Official Changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
    Nobody is shoving anything down your throat, you are free to use whatever you want -- including a blob.

    It is you who are shoving closed-source down our throats, and into the kernel. Just open up the documentation, then OSS proponents can ALSO have a choice.

    For you, forcing closed source blobs on everyone is great, but offering a CHOICE between an open driver and a closed one is "forcing open source down their throats". If you don't want to run a FLOSS system, there are many operating systems for you to choose from. Why are you trying to dictate Linux developers how to license their shit? You have BSD, you can shove any old shit in there, go use that.
    How contradictory. First you claim that Linux isn't forcing open source on vendors, then you say it does and if you don't like it then go away.

    "Why are you trying to dictate Linux developers how to license their shit?"
    Oh yeah? Why are linux devs trying to dictate NVidia how to license their shit? They aren't forcing them? What about the "fuck you NVidia" thing?
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