I have clevo laptop with model P150EM that comes with intel core-i7 3610M and AMD 7970M GPU . MY problem is that AMD catalyst does not detect my GPU . I downloaded amd catalyst through additional driver page , it installs fine but it doesn't not run because it doesn't detect my gpu . Iam running Ubuntu 12.4 .In terminal there it shows there 2 gpu one for intel and the other is amd . However, I suspected that intel graphics are ones being and used by the system and may or may not blocking my amd gpu from being detected by Ubuntu . I tried many methods installing amd catalyst and run it but it always fail including manual installtion. . I also tries using the hybrid switching graphics tutorial but it also failed :


Unfortunately , I don't have a BIOS option to turn off intel graphics and switch only to dedicated graphics . Please I am stuck . I tried everything but so far no solution . I would be appreciated if somebody help me find solution. Thanks