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Dude, he wasn't anywhere near the truth when he came out with his 'Valve is going for Linux' thing. It was just a coincidence that, many years later, they decided to do it.

A news site isn't there for 'sparking community discussions about things that may happen in 2 years'. It's there for delivering actual news. For example that the company behind VendettaOnline hired someone for updating their art assets/effects and trying to find out more about what is going to happen there (aka interviewing people). Not spreading wild assumptions that may or may not be true.

But well, after all it's his site, not mine.
If his "source at valve" told him its coming but neglected to get the timescale right, its not a coincidence, just premature. Micheals quality of article is atrocious, and his "I'm doing it for the money posts" has resulted in me enabling adblock, but he probably did know. He just rans a rumour / conjecture site, as opposed to a journalistic site.