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Thread: Hacking On An X.Org Driver For The First Time

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    Default Hacking On An X.Org Driver For The First Time

    Phoronix: Hacking On An X.Org Driver For The First Time

    After bringing EXA acceleration to the ATI Rage R128 driver, Connor Behan has shared his experiences doing this as a first time X.Org driver developer...

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    That was a nice read. It's nice to see people making efforts at keeping older hardware functioning, and in this case even improving the support. As stated in the post, this doesn't give r128 a DRI2 driver yet, but it's a step.

    Is anyone working on something similar for 3dfx cards?

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    I agree, that was a great blog post. I always enjoy reading about people who are doing more with older hardware.

    It doesn't matter what hardware you have, there is always a way to squeeze more performance out of it. My laptop is 6 years old and after upgrading to Debian Wheezy + KDE 4.8.4 my bootup time was clocking in at over a minute and 40 seconds. I did some analysis with bootchartd and saw that my old 5400RPM hard drive was taking forever to load everything while the 2.0 Ghz single-core Pentium M CPU sat idle.. Bought an OBHD (ATA to SATA) Bay, yanked out my CD-ROM drive (who needs these anymore?) and put in an Intel SSD for the OS. Dropped my bootup time to less than 30 seconds. Not bad for a 6 year old laptop running the latest stable KDE.

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