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Thread: Ubuntu's Unity Decision Affects 2D Performance Too

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    Default Ubuntu's Unity Decision Affects 2D Performance Too

    Phoronix: Ubuntu's Unity Decision Affects 2D Performance Too

    Last week I delivered OpenGL/3D benchmarks of Ubuntu 12.10 when comparing the performance of the default Unity desktop to the now-defunct Unity 2D environment. Canonical's decision to kill Unity 2D means that for those now forced to use the Compiz-based Unity may experience lower frame-rates, high power consumption with Unity-over-LLVMpipe, and other differences. Additional testing has shown how Unity is affecting the 2D graphics performance.

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    Default GNOME Classic

    I don't like Unity, so I use the GNOME Classic session.

    The package is 'gnome-session-fallback'.

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    i think we're exagerating a bit .. unity 3d is doing quite well in those benchmarks .. equalling and performing better in certain areas and equalling performing not so well in others .. personally unity 2d has never been the saviour for mine and much slower systems as everyone cracks it up to be .. the performance was the same if the graphics could support 3d drawing .. so we can't assume anything to get some real info on the LLVMpipe'd Unity 3D .. i'm sure there will be a drop in performance, but as far as these benchmarks show, with the added ability to support 1 DE over 2 seperate ones i'm sure optimization will be able to be done on a far better level than either Unity 2d or Unity 3d can do seperately .. Unity 2d isn't useless by any means, i just think that instead of Unity 2d developers always having to play catch up with new unity specs, they can actually work on one code base and do what they do best .. and thats make Ubuntu feel less bloated

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    Don't care. It's fast enough and with compositing it means it has to render 2d less. So it more then evens out in most cases.

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    Default "My results are bad and I should feel bad."

    Some^W Most of those results look mighty strange, and it would be hard to make any judgements based on them. An alternative look at IVB GT2 with SNA and gnome-shell is here: I had some UXA results as well to compare, but alas I am still waiting for those to upload.

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    What's the point of comparing the llvmpiped version of Unity with Unity 2D on such a powerful and modern system? No one would have used Unity 2D on that system, anyway.

    Come back with some Pentium M results and we'll talk.

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