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Thread: nvidia drivers and xorg

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    Default nvidia drivers and xorg

    First of all, do you think this is the most appropriate section for my problem?

    I wasn't sure where to post.

    Second, the problem:
    I want to learn how to deal with Xorg/X Window issues and am becoming increasingly frustrated. I guess I was spoiled with the program Envy in Kubuntu. I didn't have to do too much except download a file and follow some easy directrions.

    But, I am using Mepis and most of the debian-based distros require more complicated steps. Although, Mepis has a built-in X configuration tool, it didn't work for me and maybe I messed some things up, I don't know.

    I thought this might be a good place to ask because drivers, nvidia drivers, nvidia cards are main topics.

    My card is a PCI-E 7950 GT and I am willing to try any steps as I have two computers with Nvidia cards and I am willing to install any debian-based distro although Mepis is on the other computer as well. The other computer has a GeForce FX 5200 AGP card inside.

    I have tried several different steps with no success. It is most helpful if anyone trying to help can include a brief explanation of what the command is supposed to do. Sorry for my ignorance. If anyone knows a good method for learning X stuff, please share. It's been the most troublesome of my Linux experience so far.

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    Your distro choices are really bad Try booting Kanotix Thorhammer with


    extra option, when you use a TFT you can use

    screen=auto nvidia

    This will even dl the driver in live mode and install on the fly... Kanotix is Debian Etch based with most advanced 3d driver install scripts (which can be triggered in live mode that way).

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