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Nice tests!

When will we see an Atom/Medfield vs Cortex-A9 battle again? I'm tired reading people claims that Medfield is faster even though I know it isn't
Are you interested in properly done Atom vs Cortex-A9 benchmarks? Or just any kind of weird benchmarks to keep the topic hot From what I have seen so far, Atom is actually not so bad if compared to Cortex-A8/Cortex-A9 and has very similar performance per MHz on integer code. The only problem with Atom is that Intel still can't pack as many cores as ARM into the same chip and keep power consumption reasonable.

I have an Atom N450 based netbook and can run some phoronix based benchmarks versus Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 if anybody is interested. Maybe even locking all of them to run at 1GHz to make it more "fair" and easier to compare.