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You have to set up any OS correctly or have somebody wipe your anus
While this might not be a direct contradiction, Apple does a great job of making it appear that they do this. It's all about the manner in which they deliver though. Games either 'work' or are pretty much entirely unavailable. Under linux, there's a lot in between. Perhaps Valve will fix the presentation aspect a bit, and steam will tell you "Hey, this game doesn't run on your hardware yet, or your kernel, etc".

I half expect Valve to release a stripped-down performance-oriented linux distro to complement steam. Focus on SDL, Kernel, Mesa, OpenAL, and X11. You could pretty much turn any ATI/Intel/Nvidia box into a game console. I started working on one yesterday with ~x86 Gentoo to see how it would run, but the x11 overlay in Layman appears to be broken at the moment.