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i feel dirty just by replying to this

point im trying to make is an old one that linux is still for "tehnical" people, but its getting really close to being really good for anybody
and people like GUI's and find a console confusing if not frightening to use
and that you need to know it good if something goes wrong
and theres a lot more chance something will go wrong on linux(if you dont believe me try installing official radeon drivers on a couple of laptops, that is the most common problem(as i read nvidia aint far from it))

now to let my feelings get in the way of objectiveness:

you sir Dopamine should compare the quality of mine and your posts in this tread
if you look closely you'l see mine are more objective and faaaaar less condescending(that is until you tainted my name with "you dont know shit" comments)
if you dont like people drawing parallels with your nickname, dont choose something related to the brain, sex nor religion and similar things; especially if you dont know the meaning of it
dont treat people like they dont know something just because you want to teach someone some new thing you learned, unless they say stuff that shows they want to know but dont understand
and dont ever use localisms on an international forum, its just not nice

oh, and learning disk ISO disk image standards just to mount some image is yours to learn, i did it a long time ago and found acetoneiso is much simpler and dosent require me to google "how to mount this tipe of image using console in linux" and such
althou i like console stuff for their low requirements making them not in the way(i use over 3 console programs daily) they are rarely user friendly(at least to learn to use, user friendliness of console programs is debatable)good i almost finished my math, didnt wanna post here no more anyway
quality of your posts? you just post shit on a shit thread about how linux is a weak gaming platform? I only give this thread the time of day as its in the catalyst section of the forums

my point was 'there is even a gui for mounting iso images' something that can be done with THE MOST SIMPLE of bash commands - and yeh ok that wont work with a bin/cue/nrg/whatever image but how hard is running bin2iso beforehand

go back to windows gens along with all your 'new to linux' friends demanding 'user friendlyness' - the devs actually listen to the likes of you and produce shite like gnome 3 then i get pissed off then subsequently walk the earth thwarting bullshitters

GNU/Linux ( yes the GNU part is very important ) is for everyone to use - old and young, stupid and non-stupid and the technical and non technical however it is not windows and does require a slight effort in learning - as did windows when you first tried that. On the plus side this isn't difficult at all and will only improve you as a person to sit for two hours learning.

If someone is unwilling or unable to learn and wants a drop in replacement for windows move along - windows it aint

and P.S. I use whatever distro is in front of me - at work centos/redhat/debian/gentoo (and even to my shame osx) and at play debian/gentoo/mint/ubuntu

haha quality of your posts - what a bell-end!