why is it, that you always get errors, warnings and crashes everytime you install or run something on linux?
Wow, I don't know. I had those problem in Windows, but in the 15 or so years I've been running Linux games, I've seen less than a dozen errors, warnings and crashes associated with 'non-beta' games. For 'beta' games, I found the precise same version on windows was about double errors, warnings and crashes than the Linux version. And failure was a lot nicer in Linux. Windows most often gave me the Blue Screen of Death(TM) while Linux, at is worst, still allowed me to recover my desktop without a reboot. Fewer that three times has a game required a reboot of my Linux system. And those were 'beta' games that "don't run" on my system that I hacked to run anyways (S2 texture emulation for example). Perhaps you mean running Windows games on Linux using WINE? Ya, those sucked. I speak in the past tense because I no longer use Linux or WINE. Perhaps the newer versions of Windows are better than the old ones. That would surprise me also, the steady decline in speed, memory use, instability, and a huge variety of other categories from Windows 3.11 to XP is what lead me to abandon it altogether. Sorry, I didn't collect any precise data either

* Blue Screen of Death is a trademarked of Microsoft