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Thread: Shader Optimizations Greatly Speed-Up Wayland

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    Default Shader Optimizations Greatly Speed-Up Wayland

    Phoronix: Shader Optimizations Greatly Speed-Up Wayland

    Rob Clark, the Texas Instruments developer known for his work on the OMAP DRM driver, DMA-BUF, and hacking a Qualcomm open-source driver in his spare time, has been dabbling with Wayland. Rob's done some optimizations and simplifications to shaders used by Wayland's Weston reference compositor that greatly improve the performance...

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    This is confusing. I think you can remove "Previous to this work"?

    Previous to this work, when trying to run Wayland on a small SoC GPU like the TI OMAP4 PandaBoard at 1080p, he can obtain 60 FPS while pushing around windows. When pushing YUV buffers for hardware-accelerated decode of 1080p videos he gets 30 FPS. These numbers are compared to below 30 FPS and about 6 FPS, respectively, before writing these optimized shaders.

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    Michael is confusing "Weston" with "Wayland" in the title.

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