I have a computer with no available pcie 8 slots, due to controller cards occupying the large Pcie slots, i have one avail pcie x1, For which I was stupid enough to buy a pcie card(didn't know that i could use a pcie 8 card in a pcie slot (modify slot so the back end is open)).
Gigabyte 790 FX UD3.
Phenom 2 x B50 (unlocked cores.)
8 gb DDr3 1600..
HIS amd 5450 with 512 mb DDR2.

Screens: 1. DVI 1900x1200
2. VGA 1200x1024.
OS: Ubuntu 12.04.
Driver: AMD 12.8 (Blop).
Setup: Multi display with 2 monitors.
Videoplayer: VLC with hardware decoding. Movie player.
After setting up the display with 2 monitors, i have slow video playback. Esp with HD 1080. If i reduce to just one screen, then no problem. But with 2 screens then it's unbearable. So where is the bottle neck. To little gfx memory? og due to the pcie 1 bandwith limitation. I am unable to enable tear free desktop due to lack of memory so i am thinking lack of memory esp with the large dekstop.

Kind Regards