I recently found out that (through some test made on my machine), that 3d games work faster with Vmware (workstation/player 8/9) than with latest wine.
I tried DMC4 demo, and it ran 2x-4x faster than within a VM with Windows 7 than with Wine 1.5.11 (with proprietary DX installed).

Since I used Wine up to now, I had on my machine a Nvidia card.
But since now I decided to get rid of Wine and play all the Windows software I need on a vm,
I'm wondering if AMD cards do well since with native games in Linux, frglx seems to perform as good ,if not even better than nvidia driver .
Since AMD cards also usually cost a bit less for the same performance, I was interested to know if there could be any difference
within a vm emulated by Vmware, between Nvidia and AMD.
I understand vga is emulated by vmware software, but surely it utilizes the vga somehow to get such good performance.

So I wanted to ask anyone having a AMD card if he's using vmware and tried some 3d benchmarks/games within a vm.