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opengl is not directx meaning opengl 4 is not better or faster or cooler or pretiest than opengl 2, opengl 4 only provide extensions or improvements to support new techniques present in more recent hardware like tessalation for example.
You're wrong all over.
OpenGL 4 _is_ way better in pretty much every sense, it not only provides significantly more core GL & GLSL functionality than GL 2.1 but it's also cleaner and deprecates old stuff and provides new extensions. The difference between GL 4.3 & 4.2 is pretty big, between 4.3 & 2.1 it's simply astounding. It's also (much) easier to program for GL 4.x because of the much higher lowest common denominator.

And of course you get better performance with GL 4 than 2 because of the new ways you can do stuff (instanced drawing, compute shaders, new stages, etc etc) and you do it in a clean way, not having to "hope" that a given extension exists.