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Thread: Extending DRI2 For Video Handling Still Desired

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    Default Extending DRI2 For Video Handling Still Desired

    Phoronix: Extending DRI2 For Video Handling Still Desired

    More than a year ago there was a proposal for extending DRI2 to handle video support. While nothing has yet to be merged, DRI2 video support is still being sought after...

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    Zero-copy for XV? Yes please!

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    Having the GPU as an assistant to do video decoding is really good, but the way it's going right now, not so much.

    VPDAU, XvBA, for our common GPU's is reasonably supported, but what about all these custom VPU cores used on some socs (A10 has their own, ARM has one, AMLogic has one)? It slowly is getting messier. At least with Xv and XvMC you had a standard interface. Or that was the plan. Extending/re-visioning those parts would have been far more helpful. Hardware would support certain interfaces. Now, software catches up to whatever a hardware manufacturer wants for his device. Also, wouldn't offloading certain heavy functions be less of a licensing burden? Now you have to pay for a decoding (wtf?) license because the hardware supports certain algorithms (again, wtf? Algorithms weren't patentable iirc).

    Btw, is this wat OpenMAX tends to fix? It almost sounds like it, bad name though

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