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    >>Whatever the reasons, one thing is clear: Consumers globally have spoken.

    I doubt everyone would agree with that. The people I know who are upset about the situation feel that the industry did not listen to the consumers, and that Warner's decision pushed the industry in the opposite direction from what most consumers wanted.

    A lot of the differing views seem to boil down to whether or not the BR player in a PS3 represents the same degree of consumer interest in BR as a standalone player. Some folks feel that every BR player represents the same potential demand for disk sales -- others feel that someone who buys a PS3 and gets a BR player with it is not likely, on average, to purchase or rent as many disks as someone who purchased a dedicated player, ie that the BR players in PS3s need to be "pro-rated down" in order to properly model what the consumer demand would have been for HD-DVD vs BR disks.
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