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Thread: Valve Finds Value In Open-Source Drivers; L4D2 Running On Mesa

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexThunder View Post
    In the description of that video a further video is linked:

    Games may work on Intel graphics, but you won't get an enjoyable experience.

    Right now I got an AMD/AMD System. As soon I can run any games at high (or even max) settings with ~60FPS with Intel graphics, I'll switch (except AMDs open source drivers get usable for high end games).

    The test is on Ultra-Quality settings. I needs at least 1-2tflops

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexThunder View Post
    Sharing the source code enhances the software? No shit, Sherlock!

    Too bad, that Intel hardware (on the graphics side) isn't usable for anything recent (min graphics with playable FPS isn't quite what gamers want).

    Anyway, good job
    As a previous hardcore competitive gamer, my settings were almost always low or off. Whilst it's probably true that most casual players usually desire the pretty, its not everyone's primary motivation for gaming, especially with the current gen card pricing. According to Valve, Intel cards usage is surprisingly growing, I'd suggest thats because they've bypasses the "total crap" level, and are probably decent for people who like to play indie games, or don't care about the shiney so much.

    I doubt my onboard card will see any real usage (unless we see some sort of linux LucidLogix stuff), but it will for some, and thus this is a good thing.

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