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The advantage is that there are no more synchronization issues between the app drawing its buffer, and the wm drawing the decorations.
When an app resizes, it is just a matter of rendering into a bigger buffer, and attaching it atomically. No inbetween states where the WM has already drawn
bigger decorations, but the app is lagging behind.
That's an advantage that comes at the price of a disadvantage. Currently if an application hangs (not crashed but busy doing stuff) it's still possible to minimize it and do something different until it's done. With CSD that is no longer possible. In the age of demanding JavaScript applications I experienced the need to minimize the web browser more often than to resize windows all the time.
Hanging applications can no longer be minimized because in CSD world the application has to agree first. This is also basically the same topic killing applications.

That could be worked around by, and here's the reply to RealNC and “his” fdo standardization idea, developing a deamon which handles the decorations which would result in something that basically is a server-side decoration, only on another level. And there is nothing any Wayland dev could do about it. So much you “Wayland works that way and deal with it” shouters…