By 'scenario' i mean regrouping a few tests for easier, much faster comparison features of pts. e.g.:
- Office Productivity (typical office tasks, also Watt consumption)
- Web Development (example below)
- Media Creation e.g. sqlite / MySQL (used by images management apps), graphickMagick, Video Playback, Audio/Video Encoding and Disk test-suite, XvMC (Mesa3D & Gallium3D + Vdpau/XvBA/VA-API...)
- Development, and so on.
A lot like PTS's Test Suites, only more 'real life' oriented than 'hardware geek'.

As an example, Sysmark 'Web Development' scenario "emulate web-site designing, using the following applications: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.8 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9" (ouch).
The idea's useful (obviously not the full-commercial choices that wouldn't make sense under GNU/Linux). Could PTS offers a decent scenario e.g. including tests such as Apache benchmark, SQLite, XVideo rendering (or any test giving a descent idea of e.g. heavy browsing)?

WTH I just had a 10 hours search in Phoronix and OpenBenchmarking, searching which are the appropriate tests between the dozens available, then looking for the data/result, and then slowly building my charts... only to realize the resulting chart is far from enough, and neither does it take full advantage of the vast pts/OpenBenchmarking potential
Therefore my question about scenarios...

Could raise interest from users / partners (especially amongst all those not ready for a deep diving into dozens of geeky

Apologize if this question sounds silly; am far from being a pts expert.