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I don't know what you're referring to when you say distro lock in.. All the apps I purchased on the Ubuntu Software Center work just fine in Debian when I copied them over. They're just binary packages and they're shipped with libraries just as any other linux game release is... So where's the distro lock-in?
Of course you can copy them over to another distro; these are just Linux binaries after all. However, the store is geared to Ubuntu, is integrated into the Ubuntu package manager, and I was under the impression you could only utilize it from an Ubuntu setup. Thankfully, the games are supposed to be coming to Desura as well.

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For YEARS all I've heard is people talk about LGP and their "DRM crap".. That's pretty much how most linux gamers view LGP products these days, so I don't think the title is as "bullying" as you suggest it is. It seems pretty accurate to me..

How is LGP's DRM ridden games from so many years ago, not crap? Tell me that and maybe I'd understand you a bit better.. For the most part, if LGP doesn't strip their DRM out of their games, I'll continue to refer to it as crap myself (along with most linux gamers) and just buy other games...

If they do strip the DRM out of their games and put it on Ubuntu Software Center or Desura, I'd definitely buy Mind Rover...
Yes, I hate the DRM just as much as anyone. But I am not hypocritical enough to sneer at LGP and then praise Valve (I will point out in fairness that I am not sure if you have ever done that) as they both have their own DRM setups. Both have also been doing or have done praiseworthy things for Linux gaming in the past, and I still think it is very unfair of Michael to bash them as he has done here. I will not buy an LGP title with DRM - but I am not going to resort to childish name calling about it either.

However, just because a game is old does not mean it is crap. That point I would debate most strongly.