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The thing is, that the most important future for a GPU, is to work well on Linux and under WINE. Then comes the LIBRE thing, and then price and others.
Yes, I agree that the most important thing for a GPU is to work well on Linux. That is why "the LIBRE thing" thing comes second for me - I do not want to be tied down to blob drivers that are mostly non-native code shoehorned to work on Linux by replacing most of the graphics stack with there own sticky-tapped together solutions. Ease of install and use under Linux are priorities, which I is why I used AMD and Intel cards.

And I game with my AMD card. Granted, this is mostly native gaming, but I do game and game often on the free R600 Gallium3D drivers and this is with the stock drivers available on Fedora 16; not the latest git. I am looking forward to the improvements I will experience with Fedora 18 in November, but I am quite happy with the performance I have now. A little slower than I would get on the blobs, but I make up for that with ease of use and better support.

And the WINE thing is a bit of a red herring as I remember reading in another thread awhile back that part of the reason that Nvidia cards have an advantage is that back in the day they specifically coded Nvidia specific binary hacks into WINE to optimize performance on Nvidia cards. Not sure if I can dig up the thread again, but it was mentioned.