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You might be thinking that I'm thinking about a higher level of support than... um... than you think. (that didn't come out right)

Yes, although AFAICS the biggest pain point for users is not lack of slick dynamic PM but not even having enough entries in the tables to use the current profile mechanism fully. First priority would seem to be interpolating between the low and high settings in the current tables.
Hmm most the feedback I see if for dynamic PM not better static PM, static PM is crap, no use in laptops at all, we also want to be able to use the Fusion GPUs up to their package limits, like we can't upclock the APU because it'll overheat, so even if the BIOS has the table we can't use it because we have no decent thermal protection. We should be able to use AMD APU like we use Intel CPUs and we can't. There are so many problems we just can't solve and the ones we can solve there is little demand from people I talk to.

static profiles might work for people on phoronix, but they don't save power for the 99% of people who install RHEL and never read the online docs (i.e. my customers).