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Thread: The State Of Open-Source Radeon Driver Features

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisXY View Post
    Have you tried dumping the edid data from vga and from hdmi and comparing them, possibly with another machine where it works?

    Where is your bug report?
    AMD doesn't have that many linux graphics people and the open source team is even smaller. Sure, you can make fun of them, but you could also help them by telling them when something doesn't work.
    I thought they read this forum.

    Besides, I'm not sure this should even be a bug. It's standard hardware. Every friggin' modern video card has an HDMI port and most TVs and even LCD monitors are equipped with them nowadays. It's a standard connection.

    I'm not sure how to get the edid data. There's a read-edid package in Debian?

    I noticed xrandr output the native resolution (current) but the size interpreted as 1600mm x 900mm which is obviously incorrect.

    The audio is another problem. But, the fact remains, this shouldn't be rocket science for the linux graphics people. I wish I had a Nvidia card with an hdmi port. I'd like to compare. I bet it'd work!

    P.S. the onboard Nvidia chipset of the mobo detects the TV via VGA with what seems to be an acceptable resolution. I read that one can only get native 1080p with the HDMI connection. However, plug in the VGA cable to the ATI video card's VGA port and you can only get up to 1024 x 768! ATI's/AMD's open drivers are a POS! I guess I should just install the blobs but the point of going AMD was to go with open source!

    I posted that they don't support Linux and the die-hard AMD fanatics on here kept saying to try their cards. I'm proven right - they are sh*t! Also, I read here that the thermal power features don't work still. So, they don't even properly cool the card with FOSS drivers. If you search 'HDMI' in the box, you discover most posts pertain to AMD especially the FOSS drivers. That says a lot, imho!
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