Kano hit the nail on the head concerning power management. If AMD can't get it right in open-source (whether it's their "fault" or not), they should update their legacy fglrx driver to support newer kernels/Xservers so that is an option going forward. Actually, they should update fglrx legacy anyway because some users are willing to put up with the blob's drawbacks to get better 3D performance. I understand if AMD doesn't want to update really old legacy drivers (like 8.28), but Catalyst 12-6 legacy should definitely be updated and Catalyst 9-3 legacy would be nice too.

It's really hard to recommend AMD graphics to prospective buyers right now. For the user who's more interested in HTPC functions and doesn't care so much about 3D, Intel is the obvious choice because of their open driver, superior power management on mobile devices, and support for VA-API. For the desktop gamer, Nvidia is the obvious choice because of their better blob driver (and much longer support for legacy blobs) as well as VDPAU support.

As much as I appreciate AMD's open-source efforts and recognize the incredible progress they've made (especially in terms of 3D features/performance), the AMD KoolAid is a bittersweet drink at the moment.