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And despite what you say I don't think DRM on linux is even an issue at all. I'm convinced that anybody who uses linux in the first place doesnt care one tiny little bit about DRM, otherwize they wouldnt be using linux. They only things that implement DRM is the proprietary drivers and EVERYTHING else circumvents it. I can't name a single proprietary video player that works well on linux. All of the OSS players are able to work by circumventing DRM.

I think DRM is nothing more than an excuse.
What do you think I said.

One more time, nobody is saying that DRM is required on Linux (although it probably will be on Android). The issue is that DRM *is* a requirement on the other OSes which share code with fglrx, and the DRM requirements of *those* systems are why fglrx needs to stay binary-only.