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Thread: The State Of Open-Source Radeon Driver Features

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    Can you please stop disagreeing with things I didn't say ?

    Quote Originally Posted by duby229 View Post
    I didnt say that AMD customers were stupid. I said it would be stupid for AMD to drop out of OSS driver development right now. It sounds like what you were saying is thats where things are headed. That AMD will drop out of OSS driver development.
    No, I never said anything of the sort. What I said is that when we tried to use current unhappiness of users as justification to help secure the release of new programming information it doesn't work very well and tended to raise questions about whether the open source project was worth the risk. I didn't actually say "so we don't do it any more" but I guess I thought that would be obvious.

    Quote Originally Posted by duby229 View Post
    EDIT: If you guys want to develop fglrx then thats fine... I just don't like how you use the fact that fglrx exists as an excuse for why its taking so long to bring up support for features in the oss drivers.
    Don't think I have ever said anything like that. Citation needed.

    Quote Originally Posted by duby229 View Post
    Whenever video decode (or any other feature the oss drivers don't have) is mentioned it always come to "well fglrx exists use that, it was designed for cases that the oss drivers dont work in"... Thats all fine and good except that it doesnt work.... And then to make things worse you say that it should be up to "thousands" of community developers to do it for free with no documentation.
    Again, you're re-arranging my words to give them different meaning. Only Q is allowed to do that

    I have said that we targetted the open source drivers at areas where fglrx was weak, but not the other way round. I never said that it should be up to "thousands of developers" other than summarizing what others were saying around the start of the project 5 years ago. My expectations were basically what we worked out with Dave and Alex in mid-2007 and so far things have worked out as planned, maybe a bit better if anything.
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