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Thread: The State Of Open-Source Radeon Driver Features

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    Quote Originally Posted by brent View Post
    Well, dynamic PM for the start... it's pretty bad if you can't even use the GPU at full clock! Also, please don't keep on pushing the profile approach as acceptable, it's not. Automatic frequency scaling is a must.
    OK, so what you want is what we're working on. Good.

    The only reason I talked about the profile approach was that it could have happened sooner, ie earlier than dynamic PM, and that people kept asking questions about it. At this point I don't think it's worth working on unless it turns out we can't expose dynamic PM for some reason. Not sure why you think I'm "pushing it".

    crazycheese -- do you understand that I have absolutely nothing to do with fglrx development other than occasionally passing problems I see on the forums to the development team ?

    duby229 -- what in the world could possibly make you think I don't like the open source drivers ? The fact that you concluded this from reading crazycheese's post is a bit disturbing
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