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That's about right. Kwin is getting more awesome as time passes. KDE is returning to the beauty of 3.x days.
I like Compiz but it's a project that doesn't seem to advance and about Mutter, GNOME guys only care in removing features.
Another nice thing about Kwin-- something Canonical may use once Wayland and KDE 5 hits. Because of how they are restructuring the frameworks and the classes in KDE 5 the idea is that you could use Kwin as your window manager even if you dont have KDE-meta installed. It will use KDElibs if they are available, but otherwise will drop back to pure QT. I know Unity 2D was QT based, and since Kwin supports plugins like Compiz did, Canonical may be wise to go a QT route for Unity 3D and use Kwin as the window manager.