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GTK stands for 'Gimp Toolkit' - it was not originally developed by Gnome nor was it a Gnome Project - it was developed to replace Motif as Gimp's toolkit.

lots of DEs/WMs use it and that doesn't make them gnome-powered, it makes them GTK+ powered. an example of a 'partly gnome-powered' DE - would be Unity or Elementary OS's DE or Cinnamon ~ those are examples of DEs that are powered by gnome, since they are all essentially gnome, just with different shells, modified/forked software and other slight (mostly superficial) modifications/alterations.
I know that, BUT I would guess that many many commits for gtk come from gnome developers, so yes you can use it seperatly and gnome depends on gtk and not the other way around, but again I would guess that more people use gnome than gimp.

So maybe I am wrong but I guess that more devs who work on gnome-components also send patches or directly work on gtk than any other projekt... but if someone knows more... so if that is true I think it would be valid to say that if lets say 99% of the people would use kde and and nobody would want any gnome stuff (incl. unity) and the gnome-projekt would not exist, gtk would maybe died or would be way more behind in progress than it is today.