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What I tested: 1)Tera_Online = Unplayable with 4670 and 6970, with multiple D3d errors and doesn't start regardless of the driver. 2)CSS = Unplayable because hangs when you go in a closed area with graphics stack overflow. 3)Portal2 = Unplayable only with 4670 even with OpenGL renderer, many places with 5fps. 4)PCSX2 = Unplayable with Core2_Celleron_Duo@3Ghz because the cards doesn't offload the CPU enough. Actually around 7 of 13-15 games that i have play the last 2 years are unplayable and those are first rate titles.
Hm, out of that I only played Portal 2. HD 6550M on a notebook by the way. It ran almost fine on 1920x1080. Well playable, but sometimes visible stutter, that was never so bad to seriously be adversarial to playing it.