So, long story short, I enjoy using Fedora 17, and while I consider myself to know considerably more (or at least know where to look to find stuff) than the average computer user, I am by no means a programmer of any sorts.

Being an avid game enthusiast I have attempted to first install the game "Unvanquished" ( using their .run file, which resulted in an epic fail and numerous errors that I attribute to me using the Nvidia proprietary drivers vs the MESA drivers, along with me using the 64bit version of Fedora 17. Next up I begin the process of compiling the game, which while a novice at, I have successfully done it before for other software (Dolphin Wii Emulator, 0AD, ect.) while using tutorials. Yeah, in between CMake, and curses, I seem to be cursing more than usual, which is fine as I learn, the hard way.

And then it dawns on me, if I am going to take a ton of time and compile the game, why not also make a working .rpm for 64-bit Fedora users? And so I ask the community here on Phoronix to help me in pointing me to some resources and how someone who is much smarter than I am to help me create such a thing...

My references/resources so far are as follows: