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I don't own a kinect, I have used one and it gets quite boring after the novelty wears off.
So, that doesn't change the fact that it is a cool piece of hardware, practical for more than games, and was made well.

And yes, the chinese government is just as brutal and cut throat (if not even more so) than the israelli one.
What? No, I'm saying the Israli government ISN'T brutal or cutthroat. There's a reason Israel is a member of the UN and actively protected by some of its members. Don't generalize it with the rest of the middle east. I'm not from Israel or know anybody who is. I know a nice guy from Lebanon, a country that hates Israel, and yet you still don't hear me making bigoted statements.

But 1- Passive cooling is never a good idea, no matter if you think it looks good. Get some flowing air or liquid or something because there's a point where metal saturates with heat.
You apparently have been living under a rock for the past couple years if you think passive cooling isnt ever a good idea. While I think an i7 probably shouldn't be passively cooled, at least with this system being almost entirely a heatsink, you could just put a fan in front of it and problem solved. I get your point about metal saturating heat, but heat needs to escape into something at some point. Otherwise things like tablets would overheat all the time.

You do realize that Palestinians are causing some serious problems in Israel, right? People there are dying because of their beliefs. Rachel Corrie might have been a polite, hard working person, but her supporting a group that hates the country she is standing in is not going to make native people happy. Whether or not her death was accidental or not, a bulldozer is not hard to outrun, they're loud, and she could've been provoking them for all we know. Besides that, you honestly are going to boycott a product because it came from a company in a country that you hate due to 1 person POSSIBLY taking action on his rage over the mistreatment of his people? You might as well not buy from any country because this sort of stuff happens everywhere- it just doesn't always end up publicized.