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    I'm building my first PC (for basic home use) and I could use some advice. I've done a ton of research and I'm determined that AM1 is the way to go for me. I'm also new to Linux and I have to say I love Ubuntu! This will definitely be my OS of choice.

    My first difficulty is deciding which motherboard to buy. ASRock AM1H-ITX is the obvious choice, especially since I can use a power brick instead of an ATX PSU (not to mention it's the only AM1 mini-ITX motherboard with USB3.0 headers). The reviews on Newegg scare me a little though. There seem to be a lot of people who have issues with random rebooting. Should I be worried about this?

    The PSU is another concern. A regular 300+W PSU wouldn't be very efficient (and it's bigger/louder). The ASRock would easily solve that, but a picoPSU might be another decent solution.

    I'm also wondering how low I could go with the processor. I could find plenty of benchmarks but not general user experiences with Ubuntu on each Kabini CPU. Basically I'm wondering how smooth Ubuntu will run on the 5150 instead of the 5350. All I do is browse and listen to music, so I figure the former might be more than enough for me. This is the set-up I have in mind:

    AMD 5150/5350
    ASRock AM1H-ITX
    4GB RAM
    120GB SSD + 500GB HDD

    Can I expect Ubuntu to run silky smooth on that set-up? And how future proof is this? Will it still run smoothly in 5 years?

    Case recommendations are also welcome. All I need to fit is the above with maybe an optical drive but I could also go with an external DVD drive. Coolermaster Elite 110 and Silverstone ML03 seem like the best options now. Maybe even a mini-box M350 if I go external with the hard drive.

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