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As an owner of an ODROID-X with a little free time, I'd love to checkout Gentoo.
But I did not see a link to a disk image anywhere!
Well, the whole idea of Gentoo is that there are no disk images. You compile everything from scratch. It takes ages, but in the end all the code is hyper-optimised for your hardware, which is fairly important for slow devices. If you're asking about the images used in benchmarking in order to reproduce the results, though, then it's another matter.

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The article claims that Gentoo Stable is using GCC 4.7. This is not the case. Stable ("arch") is using GCC 4.5.4, while Testing ("~arch") is using 4.6.3. GCC 4.7 is actually hard-masked and marked as experimental. You cannot install it, unless you unmask it (in Gentoo, that means telling the system "I'm about to potentially shoot myself in the foot, and yes, that's what I want.")
Yea, I noticed that as well. Also, I installed 4.7 on my device manually, but even then it installs into a new slot, and by default the old compiler is used.