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Thread: Intel Updates Its Kernel Driver Code For Testing

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    Default Intel Updates Its Kernel Driver Code For Testing

    Phoronix: Intel Updates Its Kernel Driver Code For Testing

    Aside from a new Intel PRIME'd driver this weekend, there's also new Intel DRM driver code available for testing...

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    Michael could you please update mesa android support status, specially for intel's Gen graphics? Does anyone else know something about this?

    Seems like Google (aka Motorola Mobility) might be testing their waters with intel based phones. They also seemed really keen on delivering fast android updates. I wonder if this is why intel is being so nice to mesa. It might set a really good example for other companies, specially ARM SoC vendors: people want their phones updated, fast, and open source drivers are the best way to do it. Android consoles like OUYA are also coming up, and I doubt consumers will be happy in lagging behind android updates. A haswell based OUYA might be some pretty interesting gaming machine, and put intel in a market currently dominated by nvidia and amd. Interesting times ahead...

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