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I'm all for performance and memory efficiency too, and GTK3 doesn't seem to care about that a lot.

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IIRC, XFCE is targeted to low resources computers. That means switching to a more resource hungry lib is usually a bad choice.
There's that, and also many of us who are refugees from Microsoft got thoroughly sick of the attitude that profligate use of system resources was quite normal.. 'just throw hardware at the problem'... uh uh, no way baby, give me fast/lean/stable choices!

On my machines I use SolusOS (Debian+Mate) & Xubuntu (Ubuntu+Xfce). Both are fast to boot & snappy to use with small memory footprints whilst still retaining all the GUI funtionality that you could need. Even on my Core i5 machine the Gnome3 & Unity Shells are noticeably slower to boot and more memory hungry.. to what end?? The ergonomics of these GTK+ 3 shells are pretty awful. I mean if you really must have type to find then just install Cardapio or Synapse.. problem solved you can feel leet..