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Thread: Torque 3D Game Engine Going Open-Source

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoTuLoX View Post
    It's not AN effect. It's a bunch of them. SSDO (that'd be the succesor to SSAO), CE3's water quality, the way CE3 handles particles (shadows, reflections, how a lot of them don't affect FPS as bad as other engines), a scripting system you can use in 3 different ways (FlowGraph, LUA and C++)... I'm not quoting more because I am not fully aware of what Torque can do (can't bother to watch the demo again and analyze it), but I bet my behind there are a lot more things to quote.
    Where have I stated that it is "AN"(a single) effect? I asked for a specific one that would be too complex as you said before. And sorry SSDO can't be it. It is a screen space effect(as SSAO) and should be easy to integrate, eventually without even changing a single line of the engine source code(depending on how flexible it is) just by adding the ssdo shader(s), adjusting gbuffer layout eventually. The trend has been to move more calculations into screen space, there are a number of effects(fancy stuff) that are/can be implemented this way.
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