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Thread: Enlightenment E17 Is Another Step Closer To Release

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    Quote Originally Posted by vtorri View Post
    there is a connman module, iirc
    Yes i know but the "standard" on the average Linux distro is network manager. I don't think there are any distros that use conman out of the box.

    Quote Originally Posted by vtorri View Post
    desktop music player : 'enjoy', but we can do better, i think. 'Enjoy' has several bugs.

    'elsa' has been renamed as 'entrance' (like the old session manager) and it is still alive

    text editor : there is one which is currently underdevelopment, but we are lacking manpower. The dev is also a core dev, so he has not a lot of time.

    i'm myself working on a multi doc viewer ala okular. It's alive too

    there is also a new game : which is more a proof of concept for the EFL and games
    Probably the app situation will change once e17 is released. I hope at least.

    Oh BTW how is the systemd integration??
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