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Thread: Linux Kernel Whackos: Drop Everything But ARM

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    now that has more stile, love the sarcasm

    Pallidus for the new LKML jester

    on a technical note;
    x86 still beats arm in performance per watt
    performance per watt is highly dependent on semiconductor printing and what kind of performance you are testing
    for example sparc is good in low latency massively parallel tasks, while power is better at number crunching but has delay and can do fewer tasks at a time
    arm from what i can tell is made for simple devices, x86 for general computing(didnt check arm instruction set)

    who cares anyway, a pentium 2 is waaaay faster then me and opengl 4x will make possible a full shift of arithmetic operations to a gpu so pentium 2 will be able to run new games and else(if programed properly that is)
    so we need massively parallel, direct to memory PCI buses more then faster/better cpu's
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