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I posted a valid solution to the issue, how is that complaining? When unredirected fullscreen gets implemented, that will be good, but most people complain about Unity's design not its implementation. They think it is a sucky idea for a user interface. I don't think it's all that bad, but you need to understand what they're complaining about for you to complain effectively about their complaints.
Ok, your post was the exception. Question, did you ever give your code to Sam Spilsbury for review?

Also, people do complain about the implementation of Unity. They complain that its slows down graphics, like all composited interfaces do. They complained that there was "Unredirected Fullscreen Windows" support like KDE and Gnome Shell.

Any complaints about the astetics of the interface is garbage though, its all up to the user to decide if they like that. They might not like it, but it doesn't mean that anyone wants to hear about it.