Dear friends,

I am a new member of Ubuntu and this community.

Yes, I am a Windows user but a hard-core Linux lover.
My 1st OS was Dos5.x, after that Windows 3.11 and so on....
My 1st Linux was RedHat 6.x to FC 10.

I use Windows just for Gaming and to see BSOD
I am very happy to hear that STEAM in coming to Linux.
Soon a great era is coming to get rid of Windows and its stupid Anti-viruses. FREEDOM.

Personally, I am a non-smoker and non-drinker. So I don't like WINE

The 1st thing I did is kill Windows 7 and load-up my lost love - Linux, Ubuntu 12 64Bit.
AMD Dual Core 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA 8800GTS etc.

Just now I installed Enemy Territory: Quake Wars DEMO and its running GREAT.

If few of you guyz also buy and install this game ON LINUX, then we can have some fun and some system test, before Steam comes out. Its a good game also.

If you want to play, you HAVE TO put "[Linux]" or "[Ubuntu]" or "[RedHat]" whatever you are using as CLAN TAG in the game setting.