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Thank you for your feedback Rigaldo ! So you're telling me that Catalyst from 12.6 should be fine (no glitches/artefacts with gnome shell)... The thing is that I think that I can't use it on HD3000 or HD4000 hardware anymore from this release. I've broken my system so many times in the past using fglrx that I'm scared to try it anymore :-D

Actually, I've tried KDE yesterday for the first time in almost 8 years : I can confirm that it's a beautiful desktop environment, clean and polished with great apps. Anyway, I'v always liked the gnome philosophy and even if the KDE environment used to be more complete, I never changed my mind ;-)

I don't know which distro you use to tell you more specifically. But if you have and HD2xxx-4xxx Radeon card, 12.4 was the last to support it, but there is the legacy 12.6 driver too(exzclusively for this unsupported hardware) which I'd suggest you use ( also supports xorg 1.12 ). I didn't have any artifacts for sure from 12.4 onwards, but from 12.6 it was better and fixes for Gnome Shell were in the changelog

Hope it works well for you if you try it. I think it would.