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Thread: Why Mono Is Desirable For Linux

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    Hate to quote myself, but I can't edit my post anymore...
    Quote Originally Posted by Sidicas View Post

    It appears when Qt applications run on linux they get the benefit of some 2D accelerations that they don't get under Windows.
    This would be the Qt "native" renderer for the platform which is X11/XRender. X11/XRender is, IMO, a lot better than Raster as it scales up to very high resolutions very beatufully with only modest hardware. The Raster painter in Qt 4.3 and later, in my opinion, simply sucks. As the Qt developer who worked on Raster said...
    "Double the size of the primitive in each direction and you have one quarter the performance. "
    "if you compare the N900 to the desktop Windows machine you see that despite windows only having a 4 times faster processor the speed is often around 10 times worse. "

    Yes, with a 4 times faster processor your Qt applications run 10x slower! That's not platform favoritism at all, is it? /sarcasm.

    I just wish that a Qt developer wrote somewhere that Qt simply sucks on Windows and I wouldn't have even bothered to try it as a cross platform solution. So yes, Mono here I come. I saw this thread already was a ranting thread so I might as well put my 2 cents in as well.
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